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The Magic Hands

As promised in previous posts, we are going to show you some pictures of the costumes that were worn by the dancers on the special show for Anno's Africa.

They were wearing different costumes and accessories according to the piece that they were interpreting. There were stunning tutus and lovely skirts for the women as well as very characteristic pants for the men.

The costumes, as well as the scenography, are essential to tell the story or to explain the concept that the choreographer wants to transmit. Behind each costume there are hours and hours of exquisite work. A lady's tutu, for example, needs around 110 working hours to be ready and shown on stage. This elaborated work is made very precisely by the great Costume Department from the theatre. In the case of the Stuttgart Ballet, this team of 180 professional are the ones who make the design, choose the right material, take all the measurements required and finally create the final product. They make sure that each costume is perfectly adjusted to the dancer's body that is going to give life to it.

The material that they are made of is very delicate. The tutus are normally made by different quality net fabrics gathered by a metal ring that gives them the round and flat shape. The corsets are made of silk and later these fabrics are usually decorated by small jewelry or shiny laces. Therefore, these greatly valuable pieces need a very special care when they get washed, dried and ironed.

We now introduce you to two of the wonderful women behind this Department:

Diana Eckmann is the Costume Production Manager of the Stuttgart Ballet. She received a degree in Wardrobe Supervision. For the last 20 years, she organizes all the costumes that are used in each ballet production. Her department is in charge of creating new costumes, fixing the old ones and adjusting them perfectly to each one of the dancers.

Susanne Klein is working in the theatre since 1989 and she is a professional tailor. She is the head of the Ladies Wardrobe Department. Her team helps all the female dancers to put the

costumes on or change them during the performances. They also take care of washing, drying and ironing them.

For all the magnificent job that is done by the Costume Department of the Stuttgart Ballet, we want to say a big THANK YOU! They helped us make this show even more special.

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Tommy Jensen
Tommy Jensen
20 may 2021

Beleza ;-).

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