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Daniel Njugi

Daniel was born in Kenya and is a young aspiring artist looking to lead the team on the ground. An up and coming artist in the region, he is active in many different art forms and is striving to bring what he has learnt as a professional to the classroom where he can inspire the next generation of creative minds. He's receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies and he studied/trained as an Actor with the Optimus Arts Theatre. Later he's founded his own music production company -Insanity Studios Africa-. Currently he is the lead singer of the Band -Sons of the Sun- that he created with his brother and friend. Daniel is a valuable and insightful member of the Alliance and we are blessed to have him with us. 


Christine Mukami

Christine is from Kenya and since a young age she discovered her interest in performing arts through reciting poems and participating in traditional dances. In campus, she joined the university's drama club -Light Theatre Productions- and took part in a few plays and choral verses. She's completing her Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies with the aim of bringing together communities to live in harmony,  helping those affected by chaos rebuild their lives and give them hope for a brighter future. She believes art is limitless, dimensional and can move people closer. She is thrilled to work with us and that feeling is mutual!


Brian Wambui

Brian is Kenyan and has a Diploma in General Agriculture. Besides his technical training he has a strong interest in acting and is ready to learn new skills. He is currently an Actor at the Optimus Arts Theatre where he has gained abilities in the field such as stage manager, creative director, narrator and secretary. He also holds the position of Video Director for the band -Sons of the Sun-.

Brian has a particular talent for comedy, providing joy is one of his best qualities and we are blessed to have such characters in this team. He has further experience in teaching children which is essential for the organization.


Eudiah Salima

Eudiah is from Kenya and as you can see in her photo she has a very cheerful and upbeat character.

She is very creative, self-motivated and loves solving problems. 

She is obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Development Studies and she aspires to acquire skills, knowledge and experience in the field of content creation. She has worked as a sales agent and a promoter in some Marketing firms. With her charisma we are sure that she was very successful. 

Drama and dance is where her heart lies artistically and she is currently working on developing her skills in these departments through many different means. We are grateful to have her on the team!


Daljit Philip

Daljit is Kenyan and has a Diploma in 3D Animation and Motion Graphics. He collaborates in the Band -Sons of the Sun- as a cinematographer and in the past he worked as the Production Manager of Optimus Arts Theatre. 

He is very passionate about arts and has many hobbies like photography, acting, script writing and film making. But one of his biggest devotions is towards Poetry. He has written numerous poems and keeps working hard to create better ones. With his artistry and hard-working attitude we are very pleased to be counting with his presence in the Alliance. 

Agnes Ngendo

Agnes is from Kenya and has a Diploma in Human Resource Management.

She has a brilliant attitude towards organizing people and making sure all is in order. That’s why she is such a key person to be joining us. We will all benefit from her independent and honest work.

On top of that she loves socializing, dancing and taking up new challenges; all the perfect ingredients to contribute to the cause and bring her service to the arts community in Kenya.

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