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About Us

At Artists Alliance for Africa we are striving to help some of the most unprivileged children in Kenya realise their potential with the discovery and development of the Arts alongside another Organisation called Anno's Africa, who have already been on the ground in Kenya since 2006. This Organisation has offered us the chance to come and help the children, as well as ourselves, to understand more about art. This has also given us the platform to develop further a cultural exchange between our nations.


We hope to inspire the future of the youth and offer the knowledge we have to help them achieve their dreams. The children of Kenya will be the future of their nation, therefore it is imperative that they have the tools to bring about a more beautiful reality. Our role in this is to promote the development of Arts by organising these workshops and Galas so that the children are actively developing their skills and performing alongside the International Artists that come with us each year. Also from the Gala's especially, it is a valuable education for the public who watch, on what Art is and how it can be developed between different cultures and peoples.


We are working hard to develop these Gala's into an Arts Festival for the whole city of Nairobi to take place over a week, where we will invite more regional and international artists to get involved and take the chance to exhibit their talents and to give the public an even larger idea of what is possible in the world of the Arts. 

Eventually after achieving these milestones, we hope that with much hard work and the children's desire we can bring about the stimulus nationwide to build a National School for the Arts in Kenya. This is so that the youth can live in a safe and secure location while studying the Arts to the highest degree and all the history that comes with them alongside their more typical subjects such as Science and Maths. With your support and the growing East African Arts community, we have faith that this mission can be accomplished for the greater good of the people.

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