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Pas de Deux

This time we are starting the post with a small introduction on what a "pas de deux" is. It literally means a "step for two", a dance performed by two people, typically a man and a woman, and which most of the classical ballets have one. It is normally divided in 5 parts. First comes the "entrée" which means "entrance". It is when the couple first appear on stage, they acknowledge each other and take their positions to start dancing. Secondly is the "adagio", meaning "slowly". Here they interpret a slow partnered duet with elegant positions that the ballerina carries out while the danseur supports her. We can also see pirouettes (turns) and high lifts. In third and fourth place they dance their individual variations. They each do a solo in which they showcase turns, leaps and their athleticism. Usually the man performs his variation first followed by the woman. And as the fifth part we have the "coda", accurately the "tail". It is the concluding section which contains some recapitulations from the previous dances and it also shows their virtuosity with multiple pirouettes and big jumps. It ends during a grand musical climax.

Now we present to you two that are inside the program. One is the grand pas de deux from Le Corsaire that will be danced by Aiara Iturrioz and Martí Fernández and then to give a magnificent end to the gala will be the famous white swan pas de deux from The Swanlake danced by Alicia Torronteras and Martí Fernández again.

Aiara Iturrioz

She was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. She started her ballet training at the Conservatorio de Danza José-Uruñuela in her hometown in 2003. In 2010 she went to Stuttgart to continue her training at the John Cranko School where she graduated in 2012. During her last year at the school she already danced in several productions with the Stuttgart Ballet in the Corps de Ballet and in the season 12/13 she joined the Stuttgart Ballet.

Martí Fernández

He was born in Reus, Spain. From 2008 to 2011 he attended a private ballet school in his hometown before he went to the John Cranko School in Stuttgart where he graduated in 2014. In the season 14/15 he became an apprentice with the Stuttgart Ballet, one season later he was taken into the Corps de ballet. In 2016 he was promoted to Demi Soloist and in 2017 to Soloist.

Alicia Torronteras

She was born in Córdoba, Spain. In 2004 she received her first ballet lessons at the Conservatorio de Danza Luis del Rio. From 2010 to 2012 she was trained

at the Real Conservatorio de Danza Marienma in Madrid, before she went to the John

Cranko Schule in Stuttgart where she graduated in 2014. During her last year at the

school she already danced in several productions of the Stuttgart Ballet in the Corps de Ballet. In the season 14/15 she became a member of the Stuttgart Ballet.

They have picked very stunning pas de deux. We, as lovers of this art form, can't wait to see them perform and we will tell you all about it after the event. We really hope that soon we can travel to Kenya and dance again in front of that encouraging audience. But most importantly we look forward to the workshops where we exchange precious knowledge with the children, because they do teach us a great deal about their culture.

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