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From Stuttgart to Nairobi

Hello friends!

We are very excited to share with you our latest news.

As we all know, this last year has been a challenging one and it has pushed all of us to be more creative and redefine some of the ways in which we achieve our goals.

That is why we have come up with the idea of an Online performance exclusive for Anno's Africa.

Last summer we weren't able to travel to Kenya and host the 3rd edition of our Arts Festival and this year it seems like we might have to keep collecting ideas, making new contacts and planning more activities for the future.

Nonetheless, after having been teaching ballet classes over zoom during the lockdowns and seeing how much both, the children and our team, enjoyed the experience, we thought that we ought to bring them a bit closer to our world by performing for them from the other side of the screen.

Our very valued friend Aiara is organizing this event with the help of 23 ballet dancers from the Stuttgart Ballet. Together they are developing a new and beautiful show for our beloved children and staff from Anno's Africa.

This special performance will take place on the 24th of April, it will last about an hour and it will include some classical ballet and modern pieces. The dancers are very eager to participate and are helping each other in the rehearsals to make this a sublime occasion.

The aim is to facilitate the experience of watching a live performance. Even though it will be through the screen, it is still a LIVE representation that the dancers will carry out for the children watching at the same moment. Unfortunately they don't have many opportunities to go and watch dance at the theatre thus far. So until that becomes a reality for them, we would like to share as much as we can with them.

We want to say a big Thank You to the Stuttgart Ballet for all the support and help that they are giving us by making this possible.

Although this show won't be made public we want to make you participants of how the preparations are going so stay tuned for future post to find out more about this new experience.

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