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Ali Baba and the four Jewels

In this post we want to present you to the thief Ali Baba and the four shining Jewels that he's parading on stage.

This piece is an extract from The Sleeping Beauty ballet. It happens during the 3rd act when Aurora and prince Desiré are celebrating their wedding next to several fairy tale characters. The version they will perform was created by Marcia Haydée in 1987 and the music is by the genius and most known ballet composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

From left to right:

Rose Maloney as Amethyst

She grew up in Brisbane, Australia and began her ballet training in 2011 at Project Movement. Later in 2014 she continued studying at Classical Coaching Australia until

she went to the JCS by 2018. After her graduation in 2020 she joined the Stuttgart Ballet.

Coralie Grand as Emerald

She was born in France in the city of Le Mans and grew up in Paris. She studied at the Opéra National de Paris Ballet School until her graduation in 2014. Before she joined the Stuttgart Ballet she danced with the Royal Danish Ballet and the Finnish National Ballet.

Joana Romaneiro as Sapphire

She is from Lisbon, Portugal. She started her ballet training at the National Conservatory Dance School. In 2011 she went to the John Cranko School where she graduated in 2013 and the next year she became a member of the Stuttgart Ballet.

Adrian Oldenburger as Ali Baba

He was born in Iowa, USA. He received his first ballet class at the age of 4 at Miss Edith's School of Ballet. As of 2004 he attended the Montgomery Ballet and the School of Classical Ballet and Dance. In 2013 he moved to Stuttgart and studied at the JCS, where he graduated in 2016 and joined the company the next year.

Daiana Ruiz as Ruby

She is from Argentina. She took her first ballet training at the Sleeping Beauty Institute in her hometown Mendoza. In 2002 she completed her dancing education at the Instituto Superior de Arte at the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires. After her graduation in 2009 she joined the corps de ballet of the Ballet del Teatro Argentino, where she got promoted to Soloist in 2012. In 2016 she moved to Stuttgart and joined the company where 2 years later she became Demi Soloist.

One more time we thank again Daniele Silingardi for the superb photos.

It is very thrilling seeing these pictures and imagining what the dancers will look like when they eventually are dancing in front of the children and I am sure that the atmosphere that day will be really special. We aim to bring similar shows and workshops to Africa whenever it is possible again because we have many artists worldwide that are ready to share their knowledge and energy and also to exchange the artistic language. It is very important for us that these events are a two-way street in which both sides come out richer in skills, ideas, inspiration and passion. Therefore we always welcome your help in form of donations because they improve our ability to continue with our programs.

We hope that you are enjoying the content of these posts. We would love to hear your opinion so you can leave your comment or send us a message through the chat box.

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