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Modern Duet

This time we are switching styles and moving to a more contemporary duet which is being danced and choreographed by two talented young men. We are pleased to introduce you to Louis Stiens and Shaked Heller. They are creating this piece especially for this show so we are all very excited to discover what it will be like. Both of them have wonderful creativity and a very unique dance style. Due to their artistry they have already created some pieces for a few international dance companies therefore we are sure that what lies ahead of them will be promising.

Louis Stiens

He was born in Munich, Germany. He started his ballet training in 1997 at the Heinz-Bolz-Stiftung and in 2009 he moved to Stuttgart to continue his studies in the JCS. Two years after he graduated and joined the company, Stuttgart Ballet. In 2016 he got promoted to Demi soloist. In 2012 he participated in the creation of Dancer In the Dark together with Marco Goecke and in 2014 made his first choreography for the Stuttgart Ballet, High. Since then he has created many more pieces such as Qi, Skinny, Messenger or Petals. He also has been invited several times to other companies to make new creations.

Shaked Heller

He was born in Israel, Jerusalem. He started dancing when he was 14 in Ulpan for Dance Gilboa. In 2010 attended the Thelma Yellin High School of Arts until 2013, when he moved to Washington and joined the Kirov Academy of Ballet. He graduated one year later and in the season 14/15 he danced with the Israel Ballet. The season after he joined the Ballet Zurich and later in 2016 he moved to Stuttgart and joined the Stuttgart Ballet. In 2020 he was named "Dancer of the year" in the Critics' Choice of the magazine Tanz. He has created several pieces for the Noverre-Society young choreographers such as Arpatruf or Polosma. In 2020 he produced his first choreography for the Stuttgart Ballet, Mehlberg.

Photos © Stuttgart Ballet

We are very honoured to be counting with a debut performance in our program. It is a joy for us to be acting as a platform in which artists can develop themselves and explore more facets of their art. We look forward to further similar activities in the future and we want you to be by our side and be participants of our adventures. So keep checking the website for more updates and remember that you can always make a contribution through the Donate button. Cheers!

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